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Pescarolo 02 Le Mans Prototype at Laguna Seca

Tasting Le Mans with a Pescarolo Prototype

The Speed Journal dispatched principal Jeff Francis for an opportunity to wrestle a Pescarolo  prototype at a Fast Toys Club’s Laguna Seca track day
Laguna Seca Legends 65th Anniversary

65th Anniversary Laguna Legends: 1970s

The 1970s saw an explosion of horsepower burst onto the Laguna Seca circuit.
Laguna Seca Legends of the 1960's

65th Anniversary Laguna Legends: 1960s

A look back at some of the legendary characters who helped mold the mystique of the now world-renowned race track.
Laguna Seca Raceway Legends

65th Anniversary Laguna Legends: 1950s

The early races at Laguna Seca in the late 1950s attracted skilled drivers from around the country.
Hypercar Invitational at Weathertech Raceway Laguna Seca

Inside Hypercar Invitational – Making Dreams Come True

The opportunity to experience the third edition of Hypercar Invitational at Weathertech Raceway Laguna Seca in June was irresistible
Velovity Invitational Datsun 240 Z

Z Cars add Zest at the Velocity Invitational

A vintage racing vision inspired by Goodwood re-emerged on the second week of November

Mission Accomplished – Racing a Historic Datsun 240Z at the Rolex Mont...

It’s always a good idea to spend a few minutes saying hello to an old friend when you have the chance
McLaren GT4 Laguna Seca Trackday

Finding Value – Sampling a McLaren GT4 Race Car with Exclusive Track D...

Track days come in many shapes and sizes but the common goal is pushing the cost per guest low enough to make driving on a race track broadly accessible
USTCC Laguna Seca Indycar Weekend

Touring Car Racing – the Affordable Route to a Big Laguna Seca Stage

The Speed Journal sent Principal Jeff Francis for a guest appearance in the USTCC, sharing time in a BMW with past USTCC Champion Larry Bani
Allen Berg Racing Schools

Drive, De-Brief, Repeat – Open Wheel Racing School is in Session with ...

Since 2015, Berg has made Laguna Seca Raceway home for his driving school
AMG Academy Drifting

Taking the Long Way Around Corners at the AMG Driving Academy

With so many Mercedes-AMG cars equipped with supercar performance, Mercedes-AMG established a driving experience to offer drivers several graduated performance programs
porsche owners club

Porsche Owners Club at Laguna Seca: Climbing the Performance Driving L...

The Porsche Owners Club is targeted to owners of Porsches who want to get more out of their ownership experience through performance driving on a race track