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Driving Experiences

Feel the awesome power of a 450hp engine roaring to life as you tear around a racetrack that’s begging for speed. Look no further; at Adrenaline we’ve got every type of car to satisfy even the most discerning automotive critic’s dream.

AMG Driving Academy allows you to develop high-performance skills in a premier selection of AMGs – including the all new Mercedes-AMG GT S – in ways you never thought possible. Everything put into AMG vehicles we learned at the track. Now you can share in that too.

Get behind the wheel of some of the most potent and exclusive models from the Audi lineup for a half day course built around our exhilarating exercises that will surely put your driving skills to the test. Throughout your experience, our team of professional instructors will keep your adrenaline pumping while providing you with the tools to extract every ounce of performance from these 400 horsepower machines.

Enjoy our boat trip on the canal, it shows the Autostadt and the Volkswagen plant from a totally new perspective. Or book a training on our all-terrain tracks, they offer the opportunity of testing the offroad capabilities of the Volkswagen Touareg, Amarok and Tiguan as well as those of the Škoda Yeti. Our SafetyTraining moreover aims at teaching confident vehicle handling under any and all, conditions.

The BMW and MINI Driving Experience offers a wide range of training variants, which allow you to expand your driving skills as you wish. No matter which course you opt for, driving pleasure is guaranteed.

Some drivers want the thrill of sitting in a Ferrari and pushing the limits of what a supercar can handle. Others want to feel the power of the most aggressive Corvette ever produced going in and out of the corners of a true road course. While others want the thrill of jumping into a NASCAR Stock Car and topping their last lap speed with a better time. Which one is right for you?

As the original, best rated and world’s largest supercar driving experience, Exotics Racing lets you choose from over 50 exotic cars & 23 racecars. What would you like to drive today? A Ferrari or a Lamborghini? A Porsche or a McLaren? Maybe an Audi R8 or a Nissan GT-R? How about all of them?

The historic two-and-a-half-mile circuit, with its famously long and demanding sweeps and curves, provides a real challenge and joy for any driver who loves the feeling of high speed.

The Jaguar ALIVE Driving Experience* is an exclusive opportunity for a hands-on driving experience on closed courses. With professionally coached behind-the-wheel exercises and in-depth product demonstrations, the Jaguar ALIVE Driving Experience embodies the brand’s commitment to Style, Performance, Technology and Dynamics.

Imagine yourself behind the wheel of a high-performance Jaguar taking high-speed corners on a track with a Jaguar Experience instructor at your side. You’ve just imagined a Jaguar Experience Drive.