Bugatti Veyron Restoration

From Dream to Reality – Veyron Siblings Transformed

Two very early examples of the Veyron, now considered as a modern classic automotive icon, have been given a new lease of life thanks to La Maison Pur Sang, Bugatti’s official restoration and certification program
Bugatti W16 Mistral

Bugatti W16 Mistral Meets the Wind that Gave it its Name

Two forces of nature come together as Bugatti’s ultimate roadster meets the mistral, a unique and powerful wind that swirls across southern France
Bugatti eyewear collection

Bugatti and Legendary Optical Designer Larry Sands Launch First-Ever Bugatti Eyewear Colle...

A daring, bold and trendsetting optical collection spanning nine distinct styles across 37 statement pieces has been unveiled as part of the Bugatti Brand Lifestyle’s all-new eyewear collaboration
Bugatti Chiron Profilée sold at RM Sotheby Paris Auction

Bugatti Chiron Profilée Becomes Most Valuable New Car Ever Auctioned

The last W16-powered car available from the Atelier has sold for an incredible price of 9,792,500 Euros
Bugatti Chiron Profilée to be auctioned at RM Sotheby's Paris Sale

Last Available Bugatti Powered by the Legendary W16 Engine to be Auctioned This Week

Auction represents the final opportunity to become one of the few worldwide custodians able to enjoy a Bugatti hyper sports car and its iconic W16 engine
Bugatti W16 Mistral Tokyo Tour

Bugatti W16 Mistral Continues its World Tour in Tokyo

All 99 examples of W16 Mistral were sold immediately due to extraordinary demand from Bugatti collectors
LEGO Technic Bugatti Bolide

The New LEGO® Technic™ Bugatti Bolide

The most extreme Bugatti ever created, the track-only Bolide, has been transformed into LEGO® Technic™ form
Bugatti Baby II Carbon Edition

Bugatti Baby II Carbon Edition – Inspired by the W16 Mistral Roadster

Every customer has the option to tailor their new Bugatti Baby II to their very own W16 Mistral specifications
Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport Drifting

Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport – ‘Drifting The C’

The challenge for the Chiron Pur Sport and its expert driver is to launch into a controlled four-wheel-drift, tracing a perfect arc that would form the famous Bugatti C-line
Bugatti W16 Mistral

Bugatti W16 Mistral: Elegance at Extremes

The W16 Mistral, the most extreme roadster in Bugatti history – a final roadgoing appearance for the iconic W16 engine
Bugatti and VIITA Watches Carbone Limited Edition Carbon Fiber smartwatch

Bugatti Carbone Limited Edition: The First Carbon Fiber Smartwatch

The Carbone Limited Edition by VIITA is not only the world’s first limited-run smartwatch, but also the first to be constructed with a full carbon fiber housing.
Bugatti W16 Mistral Chantilly Arts & Elegance Richard Mille European debut

Bugatti W16 Mistral Makes European Debut at Chantilly Arts & Elegance Richard Mille

September’s Chantilly Arts & Elegance Richard Mille near Paris proved the perfect venue to present the 2022 W16 Mistral ultimate roadster