It’s finally time to collect my “second” McLaren Senna, the perfect 1:8 model from Amalgam! Venturing over to the workshop to take delivery with the AMG G63 it’s then a journey back to the garage to get the fantastic model alongside the full size Shmeemobile. This is the perfect centre-piece for my future mancave!

Setting off from London in the G63, let’s get straight to Amalgam Collection to reveal this amazing work of art in all its glory. Perfectly matched to the real car in every way; from the MSO Cerulean Blue with satin navy blue carbon, to even the details like the 12’o’clock stripe, door gas struts and centre locks in the body car. Of course it also wears the SH12 MEE number plate with the famous quote from Ayrton Senna: “I have no idols, I admire work, dedication and competence.”

After taking a look at some of the other new models, let’s get mine loaded into the G for the carefully journey back to my storage where I can show you even the fantastic packaging that it comes in, before finally getting the two together.

Amalgam have long established their reputation for creating the finest model cars and if you have followed my channel for a while you will know how keen I am on these things. In particular they create 1:8 scale bespoke models that are replicas of the full specification directly in partnership with the manufacturer. In this case I chose to buy my first such model based on the most powerful car in my garage, the McLaren Senna. Having been out to visit during the assembly process I got to see what goes into creating a model such as this, from the original primer parts kit consisting of over 1,000 pieces, through to the break down of parts that eventually assembled to become my completed model.

You can be sure that this Amalgam model will sit pride of place in my new garage unit when the time comes to secure a location! The level of detail and accuracy in the model is absolutely top level, and you can find out more here:…

Thanks for watching, Tim