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Shmee150 Purchases Zenvo TSR-S

Shmee150 Goes ‘Supersonic’ as He Purchases a Zenvo TSR-S as His First ...

World renowned YouTuber and car collector Tim Burton has ordered a brand-new Zenvo TSR-S

IT’S HERE! Collecting My CRAZY Lamborghini Huracan STO

It's finally time to collect my brand new Lamborghini Huracan STO! It's been a long time in the making, but now the totally wild monster from Italy arrives at @The Shmuseum to join the collection. The colour is out of this world, what a mad machine! Check out the new limited e...

New MERCEDES EQG Electric G Wagon! First Look Walkaround

The G Wagon is going electric, and Mercedes have presented the Concept EQG! Taking the familiar off-road SUV and giving it a full EV powertrain is part of the big plans for the future. Join me for a first look! Presented at Mercedes-Benz Munich, ahead of the 2021 IAA, Mercedes...

New $3m Lamborghini COUNTACH LPI800-4! First Look and Full Details

The new Lamborghini Countach is here, 50 years after the original! Let's take a first look at the Countach LPI800-4, a flagship model from Lamborghini's few-off series of cars with only 112 units to be produced taking design influence from the original and feature a hybrid V12. ...

RIMAC NEVERA FULL SEND! Insane Ride in the World’s Fastest EV

The Nevera has 4 electric motors and a 120kWh battery, producing 1,914hp

New BRABUS G 900 ROCKET EDITION! This Beast Does 0-60mph in 3.3 Second...

This is the new Brabus G 900 Rocket Edition! Brabus are only making 25 of the monstrous G Wagon

NEW Mansory Bentayga Wide Body! MY FIRST DRIVE in the MENTAL 750hp SUV...

Check out the Mansory Bentayga Wide Body, based on the new Bentley Bentayga for MY21!

The INSANE Lamborghini V12 Vision GT and RAREST LAMBOS EVER!

It's Lamborghini dreamland with both the new V12 Vision GT and SCV12

The MANSORY F8XX is the MOST EXTREME F8 Tributo!

The base F8 Tributo becomes a whole new level of extreme with the full Mansory conversion

New PAGANI HUAYRA R! Track Hypercar First Look

Let's check out the brand new Pagani Huayra R!

Shmee150 Get a First Look at the New McLaren Artura Hybrid Supercar

The name Artura comes from a mix of Art and Future

The $2m Koenigsegg Gemera That Shmee150 Chased Across the World

For the first ever time 4 passengers have been onboard the Gemera together