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Drag Racing the WORLD’S MOST EXPENSIVE CARS! – Shmee150

The world's most expensive cars are rarely up against one another on a drag strip

Ferrari F50 with Tubi Exhaust DREAM DRIVE! My Favourite Car… Eve...

The Ferrari F50 is absolutely my favourite car.

200mph Flat Out in My Ford GT! – Shmee150

There is absolutely no discussion that the new Ford GT is fast.

BATTLE OF MY AMGs! GT R Pro vs SLS Black Series – Shmee150

What an epic experience with my AMGs!

Le MANSORY is the CRAZIEST Ford GT in the World! – Shmee150

This is well and truly a new Ford GT on steroids.

McLaren Senna and Porsche GT2 RS MR Chase on the Nurburgring! – ...

Chasing both a McLaren Senna and Porsche GT2 RS MR on the Nürburgring.

The Novitec Huracan EVO is the Lamborghini to Buy Right Now! – S...

The Huracan EVO is Lambo's updated version of their V10 supercar.

The TRUTH About the McLaren Senna Recall – Shmee150

You might have heard there's a recall of the McLaren Senna.