Check out the Mansory Bentayga Wide Body, based on the new Bentley Bentayga for MY21! Featuring a full carbon bodykit, new wheels, springs and wheels, retrimmed interior, and plenty of power with a lift to 750hp. Let’s check it out and get on the road for a first drive!

In a fairly conservative specification, the updated Bentayga from Mansory features the entire conversion package in carbon fibre against the black paintwork with the dual tone black and red interior. After the huge success that Bentley have had selling over 20,000 Bentaygas already, the update brings new visual cues, a power bump for most models, and subtle changes to refresh it going forwards.

For Mansory, this means an opportunity to present a new Widebody package that really dials this car up a notch. With carbon fibre for the purpose, it sports a new bonnet and lower front splitter, aero flicks and new skirts at the side, and a larger wing and aggressive diffuser to the rear. The latter also housing a new and ferocious sounding exhaust system too.

Under the bonnet of the V8 variant we have the familiar 4.0l TT V8 but now making a gigantic 750hp and 1,020Nm (up from 550hp and 770Nm) which means a top speed of 197mph (317km/h), in a luxury SUV!

After a full walkaround tour to take a look at the modifications, let’s get out on the road for a first drive in the new Mansory Bentayga Wide Body.

Thanks for watching, Tim