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Test Driving Shmee’s Ford GT!

Big thank you to Shmee150 for letting me test drive his Ford GT. It was really cool being able to test drive the car before mine arrives! Enjoy the video.

Here’s Why the Ferrari F50 is My Favourite Car!

The Ferrari F50 is an icon that I often refer to as my favourite car, and here you'll find out why! Join me in Miami for an experience driving chassis #001 to hear the V12 and enjoy what it's all about. The poster car of my generation and in this case @dennis_akoyaking's particul...
The Performance Car Show

The Performance Car Show Set to Host Stars of the Internet and Their W...

The Performance Car Show is bringing yet another brand new feature to the 2018 event in the form of the Social Influencer Hangout. For the very first time, the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) will host a dedicated area for stars of social media and the internet, allowing fans...