This is the new Brabus G 900 Rocket Edition! Brabus are only making 25 of the monstrous G Wagon featuring the 900hp 4.5l Biturbo V8, along with carbon fibre widestar body package and a whole new interior. Join me for a first look and a drive on the drag strip – you’ll be surprised!

After launching the Brabus Rocket 900 on the AMG GT 4-door last year, the ethos and insanity has now transferred into the G63 from AMG. You could call it the supercar of off-roaders thanks to the incredible power and torque, but also finished with such a high level interior as has come to be known from Brabus.

The engine has been rebuilt from the standard 4.0l Biturbo V8 to 4.5 litres, and taking power to 900hp (from 585hp) in the process and torque up to 1,250Nm (from 850Nm) – although it’s limited to protect the gearbox and other components.

For the biggest surprise though, it’s the run down the drag strip and the ludicrous acceleration achieved by the Brabus G 900 Rocket; completing the 0-100km/h (62mph) sprint in a mere 3.4s… a figure that makes very little sense considering the size and weight of the car. However, that’s the Brabus way, doing it in style!

After a full look at the new car, it’s an opportunity to give it a run and get a feel for what it’s about. And what a car it is!

Thanks for watching, Tim