This is the new McLaren Sabre! A one of 15 bespoke hypercar developed by McLaren special operations (MSO) but driven by the customers that commissioned it. The brief was a ‘show car for the road’ but at 824hp and 590lb ft it is the fastest 2 seater supercar McLaren has ever made wirth a Vmax of 218mph! Sabre can achieve 0-100mph in 5.5 seconds and 0-124mph in an incredible 7.3 seconds! The new McLaren is designed solely to meet federal regulations which has provided MSO the opportunity to apply smaller surface radii resulting in sharper, cleaner and more shrink wrapped surfaces. Sabre also features for the first time on a McLaren road car – an active rear diffuser, designed to reduce drag at high speed to assist with maximum velocity.

A massive thank you to the owners of the car @Sparky18888 and VTM_THEKING_4 on Instagram!