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Koenigsegg and Hasselblad – it’s a match made in Valhalla

By: Koenigsegg | Photos Courtesy of: Koenigsegg

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Two Swedish companies (Koenigsegg & Hasselblad) that use a small workforce to build the premier product in their field. Two Swedish companies born from the dreams of young men who had the vision, skill and dedication to bring their dreams into reality.

What you see below is essentially a pair of photographic essays that illustrate the dynamics of Koenigsegg cars and the passion of the people who build them. The images have been

captured with the Hasselblad H6D-100c camera and they are stunning.

The Cars

Ming Thein and the team from Hasselblad travelled to Ängelholm to demonstrate the capabilities of their equipment and the stretch the boundaries of their vision. They came to capture The Spirit Of Performance.

Some of these images involve a 100-megapixel medium-format camera suspended from a drone to shoot aerial long exposures, at twilight, combined with instant capture using triggered lighting to freeze motion.

That, in simple terms, is no simple task. It’s a unique perspective and the results are nothing short of breathtaking.

Koenigsegg cars are precise mechanical instruments but they were designed with passionate hearts to be the absolute pinnacle in performance motoring. Every time a car is built, the final specification of the car is decided by owners who are passionate about their purchase. These cars have a heart working at thousands of beats per minute and Ming Thein has captured that heart, that passion, in a unique way.


The Regera images were taken at ground level using both long exposure for light trails and flash sync to freeze the vehicle.

And just to show you what a 100-megapixel Hasselblad can do, here’s a crop from that last image, showing just the car in close up. The level of detail is breathtaking!

Agera RS

The Agera RS images feature a combination of ground shots and images made using the new Matrice 600 professional drone from DJI.

Suspending a camera in the air is not new in 2017. Suspending a camera in the air at twilight in windy conditions and taking a long exposure IS new, however. The images you see below are a testimony not only to the dramatic nature of the subject, but also to the quality of the hardware and the complexity of the photographer’s vision.

Again, if we zoom in on the details, you’ll see the amazing degree of clarity that Ming was able to achieve.

The Agera RS is an aesthetically beautiful piece of design and it’s the last of the Agera line of vehicles. That we’ve been fortunate enough to add these images to our historical record is a gift that we are truly appreciative of.

It’s art recording art.

The Factory

We like to call our manufacturing facility in Ängelholm ‘The Dream Factory’.

For Christian von Koenigsegg, our work is the continuing fulfilment of a dream he had as a young boy. For our employees – all of whom are passionate car people – it’s a dream-come-true to work on these amazing vehicles. For our customers, the cars that we build for them often represent the fulfilment of a dream, a quest to acquire the pinnacle in automotive performance.

We are a family at Koenigsegg. There aren’t many car companies in the world where the people can tell the serial number of the first car they worked on. We celebrate our successes together. We mourn together when one of our babies is injured. We remember the guys and girls who sacrificed their nights and/or their weekends to finish a car in time for a show, a track day, a delivery deadline. We know their names.

Ming supplemented his outdoor shoot with a tour of The Dream Factory and he managed to capture that spirit – The Spirit Of Performance.

These are our people. Our cars. Made in Ängelholm.

Our thanks to the team from Hasselblad and their Chief of Strategy, Ming Thein, for an outstanding shoot.

Their vision, talent and their amazing Swedish-made cameras allowed them to capture the essence of both our vehicles and our people – dynamic, dedicated, passionate performance.

For more information on the shoot and other interesting projects, keep an eye on the ongoing journals maintained both by Hasselblad and by Ming Thein.

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