Merry Christmas to the Shquad! My Senna is back on the roads for a ‘first drive’ finally, exactly a year after the collection day. Having been away for 6 months, it just had to be taken out for a drive to get the feel for quite what an extreme machine it is.

With the Senna returning back to the garage it was only going to be a case of time until I got it back out on the roads. Back in early July the plans for the year were rather stumped when an incident caused some cosmetic bodywork damage that has been a lengthy process to repair with parts manufacturing and all the required checks to ensure it’s as good as new.

However, exactly one year on from the original collection day of my Senna at the McLaren Technology Centre, the factory in Working, it’s back on board for what feels like the first drive having been away from the wheel for so long. To do so, let’s of course get out of London into the countryside for an opportunity to push it a little harder and almost start all again feeling what the McLaren Senna is like despite the slightly slippy conditions.

There’s nothing quite like it, and I had forgotten the gulf in driving experience difference from the Senna vs the Ford GT – it’s a very, very different thing. Either way, roll on the next year because this feels like a new car and now it’s ready to be driven properly!

Wherever you may be in the world, Merry Christmas, I wish you a fabulous day with family and friends and a Happy New Year!

Thanks for watching, Tim