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Put Down the Virtual Reality Goggles and Take Part in a ‘Real Life’ Police Pursuit

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Grown up kids are playing real life cops and robbers by driving in simulated ‘police pursuits’ that are as real as possible to those seen on popular police chase TV shows and computer games.

The totally unique driving experience from is as immersive as it gets, and lets adults take on the role of a fugitive while being pursued by a Dodge Charger V8 Police Interceptor – all in the safe surroundings of the large Bovingdon Airfield in Hertfordshire.

Dan Jones, operations manager at, said: “Our Police Pursuit Driving Experience is the ultimate fantasy roleplay for adults.

“Participants take on the role of a fugitive wanted for multiple felonies. Their mission is to try to escape from the long arm of the law behind the wheel of either a Porsche Boxster or a Mazda MX5.”

The ultra immersive experience provides a unique challenge to those wishing to take part, including 10 minutes of track paced sighting laps followed by 15 minutes of ‘police pursuit’ action.

Dan added: “My advice is to remember that it’s not all about speed. To stand any chance of outrunning the police car in hot pursuit you’ll also need clever decision making, first class driving skills and lightning fast reactions.”

Before the chase begins, fugitives are given tuition on basic racing lines and procedures for the arrest.

For more information about, visit, to learn more about the Boxster police pursuit experience, visit, while for the Maxda MX5 experience, visit

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