Automotive News

Ford Mustang Mach E Software Updates

You Will Be Able to Update Your Electric Ford Mustang Mach-E From Home...

Ford has developed a way to allow secure updates to download in the background.
Lotus Evija Electric Hypercar

Exclusive Q&A with Lotus’ Chief Aerodynamicist Richard Hill

Lotus’ chief aerodynamicist Richard Hill details the philosophy of the Evija’s sophisticated aerodynamics.
Year of the Koenigsegg Regera

The Koenigsegg Squad on the Track

On top of launching the new Gemera and Jesko, we also announced that 2020 will be the year of the Regera.
Lamborghini Huracán EVO Rear-Wheel Drive Spyder Details

Details of the New Lamborghini Huracán EVO Rear-Wheel Drive Spyder

Automobili Lamborghini reveals the new Huracán EVO Rear-Wheel Drive Spyder.
Bugatti Divo Configuration

Bugatti Divo Configuration – Made to Order on Request

The Divo is reviving the long coachbuilding tradition of this French luxury manufacturer.
Lamborghini Huracán EVO Rear-Wheel Drive Spyder Augmented Reality Launch

Lamborghini Augmented Reality Launch of Huracán EVO Rear-Wheel Drive S...

Lamborghini is bringing its latest V10 super sports car directly to customers and fans worldwide.
Lotus Elise Classic Heritage Edition

Lotus Elise Classic Heritage Editions Pay Tribute to Company’s Racing ...

Lotus has launched four new limited-edition versions of the Elise.
Ferrari Restarts Production

Ferrari Restarts Its Production

Production will build up gradually to resume fully on Friday, May 8.
Hofele HG Sport Mercedes AMG G 63

HOFELE Design Takes the Mercedes-AMG G 63 to New Level with Aesthetic ...

HOFELE-Design has launched a series of sporty yet refined aesthetic updates for the Mercedes-AMG G 63.