Michael Fux LaFerrari & LaFerrari Aperta to Star at Mecums Kissimmee

By: Mecum Auctions | Photos Courtesy of: Mecum Auctions

Highly successful entrepreneur Michael Fux may very well be more famous for his massive collection of modern-day supercars than for his prosperous business ventures, even though the latter certainly deserves all the credit for the former. But for anyone passionate about cars, the discrepancy isn’t the least bit hard to understand when face-to-face with Fux’s awe-inspiring automotive spread.

Michael Fux 2016 Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta

Originally of Cuba, Fux and his family immigrated to the United States when he was a teenager, moving into a one-bedroom apartment on the seventh floor of a walk-up building—with no air conditioning. After graduating high school, Fux let his entrepreneurial spirit take hold of the steering wheel, and then he put the pedal to the metal. Fux founded several companies, most notably the mattress-makers Sleep Innovations and Comfort Revolution, and today he is a multimillionaire. The business of sleep has since allowed Fux to invest heavily in his true passions: philanthropy and supercars.As the proud owner of more than 160 world-class vehicles, Fux isn’t shy about showing off his amazing autos. In fact, the Michael Fux Collection lives loudly on the social media site Instagram. The photo-sharing platform is perfect for Fux, and his page, humorously titled “fuxwithmichael,” is flooded with pictures and videos featuring his cars as the stars. With more than 124,000 people tuned in as followers of Fux’s Instagram account, it’s clear that his cars are the subject of much admiration.

Michael Fux 2014 Ferrari LaFerrari

It is unlikely Fux will stop adding to the collection any time soon; creating custom versions of whatever the newest supercar is happens to be one of Fux’s favorite things about collecting. But one man can only drive so many cars, so with every new addition, there must be one that departs. This January in Kissimmee at the world’s largest collector-car auction, Fux will offer more than 25 amazing automobiles from his highly celebrated collection. From custom modern supercars to a handful of gorgeous classics, it’s an amazing lineup from one of the most prolific collectors around.

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