Elegant Bugatti Lifestyle Collection Will Compliment Any Enthusiast’s Collection

Each item exudes the DNA of the Bugatti brand, factoring in distinctive features with every product

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With a name steeped in such rich provenance, the Bugatti marque represents elegance, style and an unrivaled success as an innovator in revolutionary hyper sports car technology. Bugatti is always determined to offer the extraordinary. The superlative. The most admired. Only then can it be called a Bugatti. The new Lifestyle collection expresses the identity and heritage of the Bugatti brand through an exclusive selection of clothing and accessories.

Bugatti Lifestyle Collection Apparel
Bugatti La Voiture Noire Capsule Collection sweater and technical jacket.

Paying homage to the icons of Bugatti history, the new Lifestyle line – made in partnership with merchandise specialist, Audes – includes items inspired by the Chiron, Divo, La Voiture Noire and the Centodieci, as well as the French luxury marque’s broader history. Details are carefully reflected in the look, style and texture of products such as clothing accessories that acknowledge classic Bugatti design features like the character lines that adorn the hyper sports cars made in Molsheim. The new Bugatti Lifestyle collection combines the spirit of Bugatti’s road and race machines, together with the values that the French luxury brand has always embodied.

Bugatti Lifestyle Collection Apparel
Bugatti La Voiture Noire Capsule Collection cap, polo, bottle.

The Bugatti Lifestyle collection extends from high-quality apparel to every-day accessories including power banks for gadgets, key chains, notebook bags and credit card holders, through to the more luxurious gifts that would complete the collection of any Bugatti enthusiast. The famous Bugatti Macaron and the EB logo are carefully placed on many of the items to pay tribute to the unrivaled heritage of Bugatti.

Bugatti Lifestyle Collection Apparel
Bugatti Centodieci Capsule Collection T-shirts.

From lifestyle clothing for men, women and children to accessories for the definitive Bugatti fan, the accessories range offers carefully selected products for all tastes. The clothing range extends to t-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts and jackets, all crafted with the high levels of design and quality that Bugatti is world renowned for. All clothing products are adorned with the famous Bugatti name and logo. The children’s product line for boys and girls offers young Bugatti fans the chance to ignite their passion for the French luxury brand from an early age, featuring caps, t-shirts, blazers, mini-overalls and much more. The lifestyle products offer both luxury and practicality. Distinguished belts, bottles, credit card holders, keyrings and many other accessories give customers the chance to capture the spirit of the Bugatti marque.

Bugatti Lifestyle Collection Apparel
Bugatti Divo Capsule Collection T-shirt.

The capsule collection dedicated to La Voiture Noire reflects the distinctive elements of this masterpiece of automotive haute couture, featuring a raincoat, t-shirts, caps, leather goods, a water bottle and a mug. Every item is elegantly styled in black, paying homage to the biggest mystery in automotive history.

Bugatti Lifestyle Collection Apparel
Bugatti La Voiture Noire Capsule Collection, polo and backpack.

The collection is available to buy in selected Bugatti dealerships, on the Bugatti website, through the online e-commerce portal ( or as a brand new feature, directly from Bugatti’s digital social media stores on Facebook ( and Instagram (

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