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BAC Mono Launches All-New Higher-Performance Mono R

Briggs Automotive Company (BAC) has officially launched the all-new Mono R – a higher-performance, lighter and more advanced new generation of the iconic Mono.

Mono R serves as The New Reference – the very pinnacle of design, innovation and engineering. It sports a stunning new generation of Mono DNA, features revolutionary new materials and technology and offers world-beating performance on the road and track.

BAC Mono R 2

R is 35bhp more powerful and 25kg lighter than the standard Mono, at 340bhp and 555kg – equating to a truly remarkable power-to-weight ratio of 612bhp-per-tonne.

Mono R is one of the most exclusive supercars ever made, with a total of just 30 models being produced and sold to existing Mono customers around the globe. Ahead of its launch at the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2019, the full production run of Mono R has sold out worldwide.

BAC Mono R 4

Mono R: Ultimate Driving Experience

Mono R achieves the ultimate driving experience not only with its remarkable power and innovation, but also through various subtle vehicle dynamic enhancements.

Suspension geometry has been optimised to reduce pitch under braking, with increased anti-dive at the front and anti-squat at the rear maximising traction, while two-way adjustable dampers from renowned Swedish experts Öhlins feature for the first time.

BAC Mono R 10

The fuel tank has increased in volume and been lowered and the battery has been repositioned to the centre of the car underneath the driver for optimum balance – thus lowering the centre of gravity and improving weight distribution to near-perfect proportions.

The vehicle dynamic improvements combine to reduce braking distances and weight transfer, helping to deliver sharper turn-in, provide better rotation at the apex and better traction out of corners – aided by specially homologated Pirelli Trofeo R tyres being fitted as standard on all Mono R models.

BAC Mono R 9

This together with lighter weight, more power and more efficient aerodynamics means BAC has found the perfect recipe for ultimate success: faster lap times on the track and a world-beating, head-turning driving experience on the road – The New Reference for what a driving machine can offer.

BAC Mono R 8

Ian Briggs, Design Director at BAC, said: “Today marks a monumental step in the history of Briggs Automotive Company. Not only have we become a multi-product brand for the first time, but we’ve done so with a truly remarkable feat of engineering, design and innovation in the Mono R. It’s the first time since we first laid plans for Mono a decade ago that we’ve designed something brand new – and that’s testament to the success of the business and Mono that we’ve reached this point. Mono R has been many, many years in the making, with thousands upon thousands of hours of research and work going into it – and we believe we’ve found the perfect formula for creating the most extreme Mono in the flesh and under the skin.”

BAC Mono R 3

Neill Briggs, BAC’s Director of Product Development, added: “Welcome to Mono R – The New Reference. This car is the ultimate benchmark-setter in terms of design, engineering and performance; that much is evident from the fact we sold out our full run of 30 models almost immediately to our very lucky current customers, who have a real treat in store when they get behind the wheel. It’s a result of exceptional teamwork by all of our employees, suppliers and partners and something for everyone associated with BAC to be extremely proud of. Mono R sets The New Reference as the pinnacle of what’s possible from a supercar, but also for what’s following from BAC in years to come – these are very exciting times indeed.”

By: BAC | Photos Courtesy of: BAC

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