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Rimac Nevera Winter Tests

Rimac Nevera Completes Final Winter Tests Ahead of First Customer Deli...

Has completed two intensive weeks of winter testing at Pirelli’s Sottozero Centre near the Arctic Circle in Sweden.
Bugatti Rimac Company Announced

Bugatti Rimac: Bugatti and Rimac Begin Cooperation in a New Company

Bugatti, Rimac and Porsche mark the beginning of a new chapter in automotive history

RIMAC NEVERA FULL SEND! Insane Ride in the World’s Fastest EV

The Nevera has 4 electric motors and a 120kWh battery, producing 1,914hp
Bugatti and Rimac Combine Forces With new Company

Rimac and Bugatti Combine Forces in Historic New Venture

New company will combine their expertise in design, innovation and technology
Rimac Nevera electric hypercar

Rimac Automobili Launches New, All-Electric Nevera Hypercar

Features 4 electric motors with 1914hp of power and 2360 Nm of torque
Rimac C_Two Climate Chamber Testing

Climatic Chamber Testing Declares Rimac C_Two Ready for Extreme Weathe...

From the bitter cold of a Canadian winter to the scorching heat of a Middle Eastern summer
KW Suspension Rimac C_Two Testing

Rimac C_Two Fine-Tuned for Road and Track

The Rimac C_Two isn’t just a hypercar, it’s an electric GT hypercar
Rimac C_Two Final Aerodynamic Test

Rimac C_Two in Final Aerodynamic Testing

The Rimac engineering team ran thousands of CFD simulations for C_Two
Rimac C_Two Pre-Series Production Begins

Rimac C_Two Pre-Series Production Begins Ahead of 2021 Launch

The build of six pre-series vehicles begins at the Rimac facility in Veliko
Rimac C_Two Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing

Rimac C_Two Being Tested on the Road, Tracks, Proving Grounds…an...

Testing of all electrical devices and how they perform in the real world