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The McLaren P1…Our Most Expensive Hypercar

The McLaren P1 is our most expensive hypercar to date! Well... in some ways that is. Find out what we mean and learn a few new facts about the almost 10 year old McLaren P1, our favorite car!

McLaren P1 Designer Frank Stephenson shows me around a P1 and 675LT!

Welcome back to Kidd in a Sweet Shop! In this episode, we're back at Joe Macari with Frank Stephenson, but this time we're talking about 2 more cars that he designed - the stunning McLaren 675LT and P1! Follow Frank: https://www.instagram.com/frank.steph... Thanks to Joe M...

This is How Much a McLaren P1 Service Cost!

This is How Much a McLaren P1 Service Cost!
First McLaren P1 Offered at Silverstone Auctions May Sale

First McLaren P1 Registered Will Cross the Block at Silverstone Auctio...

One of just 375 examples produced, and first to be registered to a customer

Manny Khoshbin Tells Us Why His McLaren P1 is His Favorite

This is why the McLaren P1 is my favorite!

Manny Khoshbin Gives the Reasons Why He Likes and Dislikes His McLaren...

All the reasons why I like and dislike the McLaren P1

McLaren P1 0-60 IN E-MODE! – Manny Khoshbin

Time to find out what the 0-60 is in the P1 in E-mode