Back in action at the Nürburgring Nordschleife with my SLS Black Series, but this time joining and chasing both a McLaren Senna and Porsche GT2 RS MR! Not many laps are more memorable than this outing during Touristenfahrten on the Green Hell, seeing two of the fastest cars in existence dancing around the track.

After my first few laps recently in the new-to-me SLS AMG Black Series at the Nurburgring Nordschleife recently, it’s back for another run out and some more laps! This time after a track closure, it’s a waiting game to get a few laps in before the end of the day. Fortunately with everyone looking forward to the same, we’re also joined for a bit of time on track by both Robert Mitchell with his Porsche GT2 RS Manthey Racing as well as another friend of ours in his McLaren Senna!

With a fairly busy track during Touristenfahrten (Tourist Drives), there are no prizes for setting lap records but having a great drive out with friends, and being able to see both of these exceptional machines on track is truly something. The SLS Black Series is not slow, but the speed and aerodynamic agility carried by both the Senna and GT2 RS MR are on another level; so much so don’t forget that the latter is currently the lap record holder and I believe the only car that would be able to beat it if ever tried would be the former.

I think each lap I do in my SLS BS is going to be memorable, but this one certainly stands out!

Also check out Robert’s onboard from the GT2 RS MR on his channel here:…

Awesome thumbnail pic from the Carousel by Tourifotos. Be sure to check out pics of your lap at as well!

Thanks for watching, Tim