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‘House Island’ Hospitality and Destination Event Venue Ready for Rent…for $250,000

Since purchasing the northern half of the 26-acre House Island in Portland, Maine in October 2019Noah Gordon has been repositioning it as the premier private island hospitality and destination event venue in America.

Now, his plans of opening this ultra-luxury venue (for weddings, retreats and other landmark events) along with inaugurating the region’s most exclusive new yacht club, changed to renting his side of the island as a safe haven.

“Like so many businesses in hospitality and other industries, we’ve had to restructure our core operations and offering,” said Gordon. “When we saw the almost immediate uptick in rentals of properties in the Hamptons, Connecticut and various other areas, we saw an opportunity.”

As Gordon considered the swift migration to more remote locations that offered security and privatized living, he made the move to prepare House Island as a rental property.

To learn more information or to rent the property, please visit houseisland.me.

One of only 3 private islands in North America with comparable acreage within city limits and near an airport, House Island is 2 miles from the Old Port, 3 miles from world class hospitals, and 4 miles from the Portland International Jetport.

“What we have to offer is quite unique,” states Gordon. The northern 12 acres of House Island with its 360 degrees of unobstructed vistas of Casco Bay, 5 beaches,  3 luxurious homes, 3 helicopter take-off and landing zones, deep water anchorages for yachts and killer sunrises and sunsets may be rented for $250,000 per week, plus expenses (a competitive price range for yacht charters and larger scale residential properties).

Activities on House Island read like a list from an idyllic summer camp, including sailing, kayaking, deep sea fishing, swimming off the island’s 5 private beaches, bird-watching (ospreys and bald eagles glide at eye level along the island’s bluffs) and a host of lawn games and outdoor sports.  And of course, kids of all ages can take a running jump off the pier into the cool waters of Casco Bay.  And, as day turns to night, the island is perfect for late afternoon cocktails or a bonfire lobster-bake on the beach.

Bespoke customization options include activity guides, camp counselors for kids, private chefs, 24/7 security and many other adjustable amenities.

And if that is not enough privacy, a full island buy-out is possible in that the southern 16 acres of House Island, owned and operated by Fortland, LLC and encompassing Fort Scammel, the only privately owned 19th century fort, may be added to the rental.

When explaining that guests and staff will follow health protocols to ensure the creation of a safe haven bubble of privacy, safety and security where guests can socialize, party and play, and staff will serve accordingly, Gordon said, “It’s not that safety is the new luxury. Safety is luxury.”

Gordon claims New Yorkers can get to House Island faster than they can get to the Hamptons, Martha’s Vineyard or Nantucket: “You can be wheels up on a jet out of New York or DC, land in Portland, and arrive on House Island with your 1st cocktail in hand, in less than 2 hours.”

Doug Kulig, CEO of OBMI, an international architecture and design firm, whom Gordon is working with to design a 20,000 SF lodge and conference center on House Island, confirmed Gordon’s claim.

“At this stage of my career I cherry pick my projects, and Gordon’s vision for House Island intrigued me,” said Kulig.

“I was skeptical about Gordon’s 2-hour claim. So, I started timing at wheels up out of National Airport in Washington, DC. After landing in Portland, Gordon picked me up.”

“On our drive to the Old Port to park for the water taxi to House Island, Gordon asked if I ate lobster (I do).”

“We parked and walked a 2 block circle and picked up fresh rolls from a bakery (Standard Bakery), fresh lobster meat from a fish market (Harbor Fish) and then hopped on a waiting water taxi (Fogg’s Water Taxi).”

“6 minutes later we arrived on House Island.”

“Gordon had 10 minutes to spare, the lobsters rolls were spectacular, and House Island was beyond impressive.”

House Island is a private island in Portland Harbor in Casco Bay, MaineUnited States. It is part of the City of Portland. Just 1.5 miles from shore, it can be accessed by water and air. There is no direct access via motor vehicle. House Island North dba House Island is privately owned and operated by Noah Gordon. It contains 3 inhabitable dwellings as well as functioning utilities.

By: House Island | Photos Courtesy of: House Island

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