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The Opinari Driving Gloves Configurator, 2816 Unique Combinations

By: OPINARI - Driver's Essentials | Photos Courtesy of: OPINARI - Driver's Essentials

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Opinari – Driver’s Essentials, are doing our utmost to come up with unique Driving Gloves designs which are matching a broad range of cars. But sometimes a car has such a unique color specification that our collection isn’t supportive enough. We, therefore, launched as one of the first in the world, our Custom Made Driving Gloves service to let you design your bespoke pair of unique driving gloves. 2816 combinations are possible, so it is likely you can configure driving gloves to your needs.


We have pre-selected two driving gloves models for you, one called the classic model and one called the modern model.

The custom-made classic driving gloves can be recognized by the thread being less exposed compared to the modern design. The classic design is more subtle and elegant whereas the modern custom-made driving gloves design is showing a thread that cannot be missed. It’s up to you to make up your mind and pick the design to your liking.

Opinari Driving Gloves Configurator
Handcrafted by our Italian Artisans.


We have selected a wide variety of colors for you to choose from and the beauty is that besides you can select your top color, the palm color can be chosen too.

These custom-made driving gloves are being handcrafted of peccary leather by our Italian artisans like you are used to. Peccary leather is in our opinion the greatest leather to produce driving gloves with, so we are not making any concessions. Besides the leather color, one can of course also select the thread color as well in a broad range of colors.

Opinari Driving Gloves Configurator
A broad range of colors to choose from.


To add more options to your bespoke driving gloves, we are the possibility to order your custom-made driving gloves with or without fingers.

The benefit of having fingerless driving gloves is that one can more easily operate touchscreens (even though we like keeping our eyes on the road and getting not being distracted by a screen). Fingerless driving gloves do give you great feedback from the steering wheel and are perfect to wear during those hot summer days.

The disadvantage for us is the ease of taking them on and off and, if you have moisty hands, your fingers are still exposed hence leaving marks on the steering wheel. In the end, it is of course up to you what you prefer, with or without fingers, for your unique custom-made driving gloves design!

Opinari Driving Gloves Configurator

Opinari Driving Gloves Configurator
Modern or Classic Design


Last but not least, we offer you the possibility to leave your initials which we will press on the divider in the Essentials Case. You can choose a maximum of 8 alphabetical characters.
We often receive the question about the possibility to press initials on your custom-made driving gloves, but since peccary leather has a great memory your initials will fade away over time leaving a stain behind.

If you really insist to have your initials being put in your custom-made driving gloves, you can request to do embroidery for an additional price. We can add up to 5 characters on your pair of personalized driving gloves, but you are sure … your initials will never fade away.

If you would like to give the custom-made driving gloves configurator a try, click the following link:

Opinari Driving Gloves Configurator
Including your own initials pressed inside the Essentials Case
Opinari Driving Gloves Configurator
The Essentials Case
Opinari Driving Gloves Configurator
Drive Better. Drive in Style.

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