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DIY Paint Protection? Fortador’s Kevlar Coating Kit Now Makes it Possible

You’ve probably heard all of the commotion about the protective coating called Kevlar that can give the utmost protection to your vehicle inside and out. While you may be familiar with it, you may have hesitated because of the price that car detailers charge to apply this paint protection onto your vehicle. Worry no more as Fortador has the solution to your problems.

Instead of fretting over the price you would pay to have paint protection applied to your vehicle, why not buy one of Fortador’s Kevlar coating kits? This easy-to-use ceramic coating product gives you everything you need to protect your vehicle’s exterior and even the cabin materials. You don’t need any special training to apply it as Fortador gives you everything you need to be successful.

“Our Kevlar kit is extremely user-friendly as you can apply the paint coating on any clean car in your garage at home,” said Ugur Sezmis, Kevlar RD of Fortador. “We provide you with step-by-step instructions that make it so simple that anyone can do it.”

The Fortador Kevlar kit provides DIY detailers with enough Kevlar coating to keep your vehicle protected for 36 months. Also included are application pads and cloths, along with the instructions. You can also apply Kevlar coating to many interior surfaces, including cloth and leather seating.

Why is Kevlar so Popular?

Anyone who goes off-road a lot knows that the exterior of their vehicle can take a beating from dirt, debris, rocks and anything else they may encounter. Just one off-road adventure can leave the exterior of a 4X4 or SUV looking dull and dirty, not to mention dented if the terrain you travel is particularly rugged. Owners of pickup trucks also like Kevlar for paint protection and to help keep the truck beds clean.

But what if you just have a family car or maybe a sportscar? The Fortador kit is great for those types of vehicles, too, as it will help protect against enviromental damage and keep the exterior looking better than brand new.

“If you buy a brand new car, you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars extra for the dealer to do the coating,” said Ugur. “You can do it yourself and keep your car looking just like it did coming out of the factory.”

Advantages of Kevlar Over High-End Wax

Because of the way it bonds to surfaces, Kevlar offers more protection to exterior paint than traditional high-end car wax. Even the best was products eventually wear off, leaving the pain surface vulnerable to dirt, debris and other undesirable elements. The polymers in Kevlar create a semi-permanent to permanent bond with paint, providing protection for a longer period. While you will eventually have to reapply Kevlar, the time between applications will be much longer.

Other Kevlar advantages include:

  • Keeps paint from fading due to less oxidation from the sun’s UV rays
  • Exterior is more resistant to stains and etching
  • Easier washing as dirt, grease, grim, mud, leaves and more will come right off paint and cabin surfaces
  • Eliminates water spotting after washing to preserve a high gloss look
  • Less frequent washings giving you more time to do the things you want

By: Fortador USA | Photos Courtesy of: Fortador USA

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