Ferrari Opens Tailor Made Center in New York City

By: Ferrari | Photos Courtesy of: Ferrari

Ferrari opened its first Tailor Made Center in the United States in New York City. The only space of its kind in the Americas, this new Center continues the long-standing tradition of car customization and personalization that began at the factory in Maranello in the 1950s and later grew into the inception of the Tailor Made Center in 2011, followed by the Shanghai Tailor Made Center in 2014.

Ferrari Tailor Made Center New York City

The Tailor Made Center in New York City serves as an extension of Ferrari’s completely redesigned showroom, increasing the size of the previous showroom to 6,600 square feet. The new space includes an owners’ lounge, as well as display space for five cars. The dedicated Tailor Made Center features an endless array of specification options to meet any Ferrari owner’s personality and tastes including an extensive range of fabrics, leathers, woods, colors and finishes. Alongside this is an additional dedicated space for a Ferrari Atelier, equipped with the standard range of specification options.

Ferrari Tailor Made Center New York City

Said Ferrari Chief Marketing and Commercial Officer Enrico Galliera of the opening,
“The United States continues to be Ferrari’s strongest market and the new Tailor Made Center will further strengthen the relationship with our clients as they’re walked through the very same meticulous customization offered for generations at the factory in Maranello. Ferrari owners are passionate, knowledgeable and imaginative and our new Tailor Made Center allows an unprecedented level of exclusivity to be achieved.”

Ferrari Tailor Made Center New York City

Three collections function as the starting point for the Tailor Made Program, serving as a connection to the deep history on which the concept is founded. Each has been developed through ongoing research by the Ferrari Design Center, pulling inspiration from the brand’s core values of innovation, elegance and passion. From the sporty and race-driven Scuderia Collection, to the Classica, drawing inspiration from the heritage and history of the house, and the Inedita, which allows free reign for experimentation, options for customization are endless.

Ferrari Tailor Made Center New York City

Owners are guided through the Tailor Made process by a Personal Designer, who
collaborates with each client on every element of the car’s aesthetic to create the final configuration, from inception through delivery.

Ferrari Tailor Made Center New York City

The Ferrari New York Showroom is sure to become a destination for Ferrari clients and enthusiasts in North and South America and is located at 410 Park Avenue.

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