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Bugatti Lifestyle – A New Collection Featuring Tradition and Innovation

The new Bugatti lifestyle collection expresses the identity and heritage of the Bugatti brand through an exclusive selection of clothing and accessories. The collection is inspired by the masterpieces of Bugatti – from the Chiron and Divo to La Voiture Noire, Chiron Super Sport 300+, Centodieci and the Bugatti Bolide. The latest collection combines the spirit of Bugatti’s hyper sports cars and the values that the brand has always embodied.

Bugatti Lifestyle Collection
Bugatti Lifestyle – A new collection featuring tradition and innovation

The collection is made of over 50 items, split in apparel and accessories with particular focus on high-tech fabrics, innovative performance and ergonomic fitting, combining elegance and a sporty attitude. Among the accessories, there are power banks, key chains, a backpack, small leather items, mugs, notebook bags, cufflinks, credit card holders and a water bottle to mention a few. Loving details such as the Bugatti Macaron and the EB logo pay tribute to the historic emblems of the French luxury brand. Additionally, artistic designs trace the history of Bugatti and its most iconic vehicles, whilst also praising the brand’s latest creations.

The collection is now available online at www.bugattistore.audesworld.com and at selected Bugatti Dealer Partners.

By: Bugatti | Photos Courtesy of: Bugatti

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