What could be better than driving a twin-turbo eight-cylinder chariot produced by one of the oldest English marques around one of the most iconic and well-known English race tracks? The opportunity for The Speed Journal to spend time with the Aston Martin Driver’s Club at Brands Hatch was a perfect excuse to visit the English countryside.

While the Aston Martin Drivers’ Club is a new concept, it is exactly as advertised. The idea is to bring together Aston Martin enthusiasts who appreciate time behind the wheel at interesting racing venues. Starting in 2019 at tracks around Europe, Aston Martin intends to extend this concept to tracks worldwide. Aston Martin Racing (AMR) provides the spice of spirited driving in the form of cars, instructors, and the Aston Martin Drivers Club wraps the experience together with welcoming hospitality and charm. While the experience undoubtedly includes the technical aspects of finding the right line through the corner and unleashing the marque’s performance potential, it also emphasizes enough of the “Club” aspect to provide an unforgettable experience.

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