I’ve got the GT500 buzz after buying mine, but just check out the Palm Beach Dyno CX1100 package! Joined by Ken to show us around the modifications; his 1,100hp Shelby GT500 manages a crazy 9.251s 1/4 mile at PBIR despite hot and humid conditions, while going up against numerous others in drag races along the way.

During the Palm Beach Dyno rental of Palm Beach International Raceway’s drag strip, lots of supercars are in attendance, but for me it’s all about Ken’s own Palm Beach Dyno CX 1100 package for the Shelby GT500. As the name suggests, the standard power is taken up from 760hp to 1,100hp, while lots of weight is saved with carbon parts, and a drag setup of wheels and tires are fitted for the purpose.

With the original fuel lines and gearbox, this amount of power is really pushing things, but amazing to see how a $72k (non track pack) GT500 can punch into the 9s and beat significantly more expensive supercars as we see on this day.

You can find out more about Palm Beach Dyno and the CX1100 modifications here:

Thanks for watching, Tim