I have owned the new 2020 Toyota GR Supra now for half a year, and despite being the limited A90 Edition it’s been driven a fair amount. However, there are some questions to answer about it plus some feedback and dislikes now that I’m more familiar with getting behind the wheel. Not only that, but there’s also a very small change to be made…

One of the most commonly asked questions about my Toyota GR Supra is why I don’t have PPF on it, particularly given it’s the collectors A90 Edition? The majority of the Shmeemobiles have full paint protection film installed at Topaz but not this car, despite it being one of only 24 UK RHD examples in total. The reason for that is that it is specifically noted in the guideback (in a way you can’t miss it) that the paint will not be covered by warranty if you do – and of course therefore I have followed the manufacturer’s advise on the topic.

Up to this point the only ‘modification’ away from how the car was delivered has been to adjust the positioning of the front number plate. Originally it would have a plate bracket that is drilled into the front nose cone but for many reasons that’s a no go and as such the alternative solution has been to use the towing eye holder. The question this has posed though is what happens to the air flow through the vent behind it… while much to your surprise this isn’t actually a vent at all but just a plastic piece to look that way, so there isn’t a negative result of doing so.

There is however one small change to make today; long overdue, but to install the 1/90 A90 Edition dashboard plaques that fit along the air vents. When the car was original delivered we were notified these would follow, but they did actually come first suited for a LHD car. This was quickly rectified by Toyota GB and the replacements arrived although it has taken me a while to be organised and fit them to mine where they now look great.

The car is now about 6-7 months old and has done almost 4,000 miles, so during a run out for the supermarket shopping, let’s have an update on how it is going and some of the things that I dislike about it now that I’ve spent much more time behind the wheel. Often when I am heading somewhere off camera, it is the Supra that gets used because it’s a great and easy daily car, but there are a few things about it I would change if I could!

Thanks for watching, Tim