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The World’s Most Expensive Lexus | LFA

The Lexus LFA is widely regarded as the best sounding car ever made

$1.2M Monster SUV with Gull-Wing Doors!

Special thanks to @Xzibit & @Jeff Dunham

Converted Monster 6×6 Jeep Gladiator!

This is a $175,000 Apocalypse Sinister 6, a six-wheeler monster converted Jeep Gladiator

Supercar Blondie Previews the Electric Plane Of The Future

This is the Plane & Transport of the future - the fully electric VTOL aircraft by Archer!

Supercar Blondie Visits the $50 Million Mega Yacht | LADY LI

Thanks to Omaze for sponsoring this video!


This is one of the most protected and insane G-Wagen conversions I've ever seen.

Supercar Blondie Races the World’s Most Expensive Replica Fighte...

Check out this race between my McLaren and two fighter jets!!

Supercar Blondie Takes a Look at a Super Rare $800,000 Aston Martin DB...

This Aston Martin DB11 has quadrupled in value!

Is the $3.25m DB4 GT Continuation the Hardest Car in the World to Driv...

This is the hardest car in the world to drive! The $3.25m DB4 GT Continuation