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The Koenigssegg Regera is One of the World’s Coolest Cars

The Koenigsegg Regera is one of the coolest cars in the world. This hypercar has a ton of cool gadgets and features. Today we take out 2 of these Regeras and a McLaren Speedtail and explore what makes these hypercars so special.

The World’s Most Complicated Watch Maker | Franck Muller

Franck Muller makes the most complicated watches in the world. This means that every watch has unique features called complications that make the watch both more difficult to create and more special. Today I take a look through some of the coolest watches in the world, includ...

The World’s Most Expensive Car

This is the World's most expensive car. Yes, literally the number 1 most expensive car in the world. This car is worth over $100 Million and it is the 1955 Mercedes 300SLR, some experts have even valued the Mercedes at $300 Million. Only 2 of these Mercedes SLRs exist in the w...

The World’s Most Expensive Toy Car

Hey I'm Supercar Blondie. This mini James Bond Aston Martin DB5 is the world's most expensive toy car and one of the most expensive TOYS in the world full stop. This Aston Martin model car costs $100,000 and has all the features and gadgets of the full scale DB5 they used in t...

Revealing My Custom Rare Hypercar UPDATE

I'm Supercar Blondie and this is an update on my new ultra-rare custom Hypercar. This thing is gonna be the craziest car in the world. The car is an Ares S1, a super rare hypercar made in Italy based off of a Corvette C8 chasis. This thing is gonna have gull-wing doors and wil...

The Only 3 Hermes Hypercars in the World

There are only 3 Hermes Hypercars in the world: The Hermes Bugatti Chiron, The Hermes McLaren Speedtail and the Hermes Pagani Huayra. These incredible vehicles all belong to Billionaire Manny Koshbin. Yes, Hermes officially collaborated with Manny to make these cars possible. To...

The World’s Most Expensive Lexus | LFA

The Lexus LFA is widely regarded as the best sounding car ever made

$1.2M Monster SUV with Gull-Wing Doors!

Special thanks to @Xzibit & @Jeff Dunham

Converted Monster 6×6 Jeep Gladiator!

This is a $175,000 Apocalypse Sinister 6, a six-wheeler monster converted Jeep Gladiator

Supercar Blondie Previews the Electric Plane Of The Future

This is the Plane & Transport of the future - the fully electric VTOL aircraft by Archer!

Supercar Blondie Visits the $50 Million Mega Yacht | LADY LI

Thanks to Omaze for sponsoring this video!


This is one of the most protected and insane G-Wagen conversions I've ever seen.