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Daro Franchitti to Develop Gordon Murray T.50 Supercar

Dario Franchitti to Play Key Role in Developing the Gordon Murray T.50...

Will rely on Franchitti’s racing experience to help with setting up of track events for T.50s customers
Gordon Murray Track-Focused Racing T.50

Gordon Murray to Unleash a 700PS, Track-Focused Racing T.50

Racing version generates in excess of 1,500kg of downforce – 170% more than its weight.
Hagerty Values McLaren F1 at £16M

The £540,000 McLaren F1 Launched in 1992 is Now Valued at Over £16M

The McLaren F1 launched in 1992 costing £540,000 – equivalent to £965,000 today.

NEW Gordon Murray T50 Supercar! The Best Drivers Car…Ever!? R...

The T50 uses ground effect technology developed by Gordon in F1.
Gordon Murray T.50 Hypercar Unveiled

The Revolutionary Gordon Murray Automotive T.50 Has Been Unveiled

Most advanced and effective aerodynamics ever seen on a road car.
Gordon Murray T.50 Cosworth V12

T.50 Supercar to be Powered by High-Revving Lightweight Cosworth V12

12-cylinder unit is inspired by high-revving Formula One engines.
Gordon Murray T.50 Supercar Weight

How to Make A 980KG Supercar: T.50 – A Focus on Lightweight

One of Murray’s core philosophies is weight-to-power, not power-to-weight.
Gordon Murray Racing Point T.50 Supercar

Gordon Murray Partners with Racing Point to Develop T.50 Supercar Aero...

Gordon Murray Automotive (GMA) is partnering with the Racing Point Formula One Team to further develop and test the aerodynamics of its forthcoming T.50 supercar. According to Professor Gordon Murray, the driver-focused new model will have the most advanced and most effective aer...
Canepa Gordon Murray Automotive T50 Rep

Canepa to be North American Rep for Gordon Murray Automotive T.50 Supe...

UK automotive designer Gordon Murray has become an iconic master of design over the past decades, from Formula One race cars to the legendary McLaren F1 road car. The announcement of Gordon Murray Automotive’s supercar, the T.50, sent a proverbial shockwave throughout the automot...