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Bugatti Chiron Noire

Bugatti Edition Chiron Noire – Exclusive Special Model

In March 2019, Bugatti Design Director Achim Anscheidt reinterpreted “La Voiture Noire”, bringing this special automobile forward to the 21st century. The modern interpretation of the coupé was created as the ultimate Gran Tourismo for Bugatti enthusiasts. This unique specimen on...
Ettore Bugatti Developed Aluminium Wheels

Ettore Bugatti Developed First Aluminium Wheels Over 95 Years Ago

Almost every sporty vehicle has them – wheels made of aluminium. However, only very few people know that around 95 years ago French vehicle producer Ettore Bugatti used them for the very first time on a Type 35. Independently from each other, inventor Charles Martin Hall and...

The Bugatti Chiron Hits the Track of Circuit Paul Ricard

Reaching 360 km/h (223.7 mph) on Paul Ricard's 'Mistral' straight before braking hard into the corner. Watch the video to be a part of this spine-tingling experience!
Bugatti Chiron Supercar

Bugatti Develops World’s Largest Titanium Brake Caliper from 3-D...

With its Veyron and Chiron super sports cars, Bugatti has established a position as a pioneer for new technical developments and innovations in the extreme performance sector of the automotive industry over the past few decades and has set breathtaking performance data and record...
Bugatti Chiron

First Bugatti Chiron Delivered to a Customer in the United States

The Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance 2017 offered the ideal backdrop for the delivery of the first Bugatti Chiron1 to a customer in the US. Following Europe, North America is the second most important sales market for the luxury brand from Molsheim. Almost 30 percent of all the o...