The transformation to my new Porsche Taycan Turbo S has started at Dub Customs! Not only is the EV going Midnight Green, but let me show you also the colour we are going for the wheels at Whoops – this is going to be quite the Taycan.

Having returned back to Dub Customs, the Taycan has been fully prepped for the wrapping process with parts such as the mirrors and handles removed which enable the material to be installed without excessive cutting lines. Other parts are masked up too, which prevents dust and dirt lifting and leaving marks underneath the back of the material when it’s applied.

For this car, all original Volcano Grey parts of the bodywork are going Midnight Green, but where it’s really going to stand out will be the accent colours and details. You might be wondering “Why not just buy it in the colour you want”, and there are a few reasons. I didn’t order the car, rather I bought one that was already built although with no previous owner, and there weren’t any factory green ones for sale in the UK. Porsche don’t yet do PTS for the Taycan (if you want to wait for a new order anyway), and as always with the Shmeemobiles, I wanted a totally unique look. In this case it makes the most sense to take the wrapping route as I have no idea yet if I can live with EV and therefore how long I’m keeping it, could be 6 months if it’s a nightmare, could be years if it works out, stick around to see what happens.

After seeing the process and what this colour is going to look like on the car, next up is to get it up onto the axle stands to remove the wheels, and then load them into the G63 to get them to Whoops! Wheel Fix it in order for a big change. The colour of choice; Porsche Aurum gold!

Green and gold is always a fantastic look, but it’s not so simple to choose the exact shades even of Aurum, as it’s a colour Porsche have changed over the years. With a bit of back and forth, a decision is made and we’re set for Whoops to do the transformation, ultimately meaning we’ll have an awesome looking car at the end.

Stay tuned for more updates and seeing the finished product very soon!

Thanks to Dub Customs for all their help and work on the Shmeemobile wrap:

And thanks to Whoops! Wheel Fix It, I can’t wait to see the wheels:

Thanks for watching, Tim