Follow Don Murray as he takes us through his massive collection of European sports cars and classics. An avid collector of Ferraris Don shows his 1950 166 that was the 22nd road Ferrari ever built and his 1951 166 next to it has almost double the horse power with a lighter chassis, showcasing how innovative Ferrari’s engineers were in such a short amount of time. Staying close to Don’s heart is his first Ferrari, the 400 Superamerica. This Ferrari was ordered by Nelson Rockefeller in silver and ended coming in a completely different color. Moving onto his impressive Alfa Romeo collection Don first shows his 2600 SZ and Sprint that were both built by Zagato.

Showing his appreciation for Porsche, Don showcases a 1955 RS Spyder that won a Formula 2 race and placed in 25% of the races that it raced. His 1970 911 is in practically new condition with only 700 original miles and still has remnants from it being shipped from Europe. Some notable race cars in this collection the Sebring Sprint that was raced by legendary driver Bruce McLaren in which he came in 2nd,a C3 centennial coupe that Briggs Cunningham built to race in Le Mans . Don’s wife’s addition to the impressive car collection is a magnificent Aston Martin DB2, and a Jaguar XK 120 which was the fastest production car at the time and had a top speed of 120mph. Join us for a garage tour full of European racing history, design , and prestige.