My friend Mike’s Pagani Zonda R is unleashed where it belongs! It’s one of the most insane track hypercars to ever exist with the most glorious V12 soundtrack, so let’s hop on board for the first drive of his new car to experience what it’s all about!

It has not taken long since buying the rare one-of-15 track hypercar, for Mike to get it out onto a track to actually be able to experience it. The Zonda R is very much built for track purposes and as such it is not street legal, so needs the right environment in which to get it on out. When it’s unleashed and the engine does it’s thing… WOW.

The Pagani Zonda R is powered by a 6.0l naturally aspirated V12 that makes 750hp, and being a car for the circuit comes without any restrictions to the sound, leading towards one of the most perfect V12 soundtracks you could possibly imagine.

After a little bit of preparation and warm up, it’s time to take the Zonda R out onto the track. Mike heads on our for a few laps to orientate and get a little familiar with what the car can do before it’s my turn to jump on board with him. The spine tingling sound is intense, a feeling throughout your body on acceleration under load and the dramatic downshifts back through the gearbox too. With confidence building, a small lock-up on the front wheels unfortunately flat-spots the tires, making a little too much risk to continue driving hard on them for the day with no spares immediately accessible. This marked a slightly bitter sweet moment for me having had the offer to drive it myself afterwards, but alas that shall have to wait until next time.

Thanks to Mike for this incredible opportunity to experience some hot laps in one of the most insane cars to ever exist, the Pagani Zonda R!​

Thanks for watching, Tim