Let’s explore the brand new Rolls-Royce Ghost, the second generation of the British marque’s most successful model! The new 2020 Ghost features hosts of new technology under the skin, all aimed as ever at offering a spectacular driving experience of serenity and post-opulence. After a full walkaround, join me for a first drive to experience it all.

Visiting the home of Rolls-Royce in Goodwood, England, join me for a full guided tour of the newest model in the presentation room, both outside and in. We’ll take a look through the new design and styling, to running through the technology under the skin including the Planar system with cameras in the windscreen reading the road to prepare the front dampers equipped with mass dampers for an ultimate magic carpet ride. The interior features a traditional Rolls-Royce level of luxury, and unbelievable acoustic qualities while out on the roads.

The new Ghost is powered by a 6.75l TT V12 boasting 571ps and 850Nm, with peak torque arriving from 1,600rpm for the ultimate in effortless. With only a gentle murmur or the engine sound to be heard, it’s a car that makes driving effortless, thanks as well to the GPS satellite assisted gearbox that knows where you are and what selection to make.

The design is sharpened while still distinctly Rolls-Royce, and while there are some oddities like the over-sized door mirrors that obscure a touch of the view, it’s a car that’s a delight to drive and makes you realise that again, there’s nothing else that competes with it.

Thanks for watching, Tim