There are some new hypercars in @Manny Khoshbin‘s garage! Let’s check out the latest arrivals including the fabulous McLaren Speedtail by Hermes, limited Ford GT Heritage Edition, Bugatti Chiron by Hermes and plenty more in his incredible private collection.

After stopping by to visit Manny on numerous trips before, a few things have changed in the garage with the arrival of a number of new cars. Most notably is by far the McLaren Speedtail that has the most beautiful details both inside and out with the leather fabricated by Hermes. Not only that but it also wears multiple exterior touches to really tie it all together in a way I’ve never seen before.

Likewise since my last visit, Manny’s Bugatti Chiron has also arrived in the collection, again a collaboration with Hermes for the interior materials and more details on the exterior. The Ford GT has arrived recently too in the new Heritage livery with exposed carbon and multiple red accents, the first time that I’ve seen one of them presented. Other new acquisitions include another Bugatti Veyron 16.4 in white and blue, the Heritage Design Edition 911 Targa, and an elegant Rolls-Royce Dawn.

There are some exciting things on the horizon, be sure to check @Manny Khoshbin out and subscribe if you haven’t already.…

Thanks for watching, Tim