This is how you unbox a hypercar! By sheer luck, I came across the unboxing of the new Lamborghini Sian at Lamborghini Miami. I spotted the wooden crate being delivered and knew instantly what was going to be inside… and what a car it is!

The Sian is the latest of Lamborghini’s “few-off” series, following the Reventon, Veneno and Centenario, having been introduced a little over a year ago and a limited run of just 63 Coupes and 19 Roadsters (19 63 being the year Lamborghini was founded). At this point only a handful of the Sians have been delivered around the world, but I certainly didn’t expect to be able to witness this part of the process myself.

Genuinely coincidentally I was driving past the Lamborghini Miami and Prestige Imports showrooms when I spotted the truck with the large wooden crate on the back. Knowing exactly what was inside, I quickly swung around and had to stop to check this out, first hand witnessing the literal unboxing of a hypercar.

Brett David and his team at Lamborghini Miami were preparing the car ahead of a very special reveal event in the evening for their customer; first meaning it needed to be unboxed, taken through the PDI process, and re-boxed ready for the big show. A huge congratulations to the customer who will enjoy this an awful lot, especially with the other cars in his collection.

Thanks also of course to Brett and Lambo Miami:

Thanks for watching, Tim