The Koenigsegg One of One is the fastest car in the world, and I’ve been lucky enough to drive it! Join me in the unique Agera Final Edition with Semco Cars, for a first drive including an Autobahn run to over 300km/h (200mph) – there are very few words for how epic this is!

After the first model lines of the CC8S, CCR, CCX and CCXR, Koenigsegg launched the Agera back in 2010. The Agera spawned a number of models including the Agera R, Agera S, One:1 Agera RS and 3 ‘Final Editions’. Two of these are the FE Thor and FE Vader in California, and the third is this car, the One of One.

Based around the 1MW powerplant of the One:1, it features the 1,360hp 5l TT V8 along with the incredible aerodynamics of the One:1 including the top mounted rear wing. It differs in one significant way, it has been designed to still usable as the ‘regular’ Agera model so instead of the enlarged roof snorkel it has a glass roof panel that can be removed and stowed away in the front, meaning some changes had to be made to the aero profile, making it unique along the way. Thanks to this amount of power, the top speed is a world record breaking 440km/h or 273mph.

As part of a photoshoot, we start out from the Semco Cars showroom for a short drive to the Drivers & Business Club at the new Munich Motorworld. Upon arrival we are also joined by the Jesko Absolut, Jesko Track, Gemera and a host of other Koenigsegg models as part of the launch of the new showroom. It goes without saying that the driving experience is out of this world, and the whole atmosphere so incredibly exciting too. However, when you realise that 300km/h (just below 200mph) is only 2/3rds of what this car can do, and there’s 50% extra above that, you realise quite how insanely fast it actually is.

The intensity of the car is summed up no more than the seeing vibrations through the cameras during this video! The onboard cameras are shaking to such an extreme they lose stability, the first time I have ever seen it, but I think it perfectly represents how much of an event the Koenigsegg Agera One of One is to drive under acceleration.

A huge thanks goes to Koenigsegg Munich and Semco Cars for this unbelievable opportunity to drive one of my absolute dreamcars and experience something I struggle to articulate.

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Thanks for watching, Tim