There are very few words, the Apollo IE is the most extreme car of this time! Join me to jump onboard with Barry in his car from IKONICK The Collection for an exclusive first ever experience inside an Apollo IE, and what a crazy and epic machine it is.

Surrounded by over 100 of the best cars in the most amazing gallery and display, IKONICK The Collection includes artworks, sculptures, and the best supercars, forming one of the very best private car collections in the world. While visiting Barry Skolnick’s private location in Miami, USA, experiencing the new Apollo IE in some form was an absolute must!

The Apollo IE is an extreme machine powered by a 6.3l V12 that makes 800hp, with an automated sequential gearbox, housed in a dramatic body with radical design inspired by insects and nature. There are only 10 being made in total, and the deliveries are just starting now to the owners around the world, while we are lucky to see both Barry’s car and a factory prototype together at the collection.

After a walkaround to explore some of the crazy details, let’s catch up with Barry and get it started with the most incredible sound. Then of course, it’s time to head out for a first ever onboard road in one of the most exciting cars of the decade. Prior to this point, onboard footage has never been shared, this is a truly exciting opportunity now that the wraps are off and I can bring you along for the ride!

A huge thanks to Barry, be sure to check his pages and give a follow:

Thanks for watching, Tim