1970 Ferrari Dino 246 GT “L-Model”

FOR SALE: 1970 Ferrari Dino 246 GT “L-Model”

1970 Ferrari Dino 246 GT “L-Model

Vehicle Information

Price: $359,000
Year: 1970
Make: Ferrari
Model: Dino 246 GT “L-Model"
Engine: 195 BHP / 198 PS / 146 kW
Transmission: Manual
Exterior Color: Red
Interior Color: Black
Mileage: 40,697
Offered By: Symbolic International
Contact Name: Bill Noon
Phone: 619 840 7811
Email: bill@symbolicinternational.com
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Vehicle Description

  • 1970 Ferrari Dino 246 GT “L-Model”
  • Year 1970
  • Make Ferrari
  • Model Dino 246 GT
  • Type “L-Model”
  • Chassis No DINO 246 G.T. ★00814★
  • Scaglietti Body No 359
  • FIAT Engine No 135c. 000 0005597
  • Ferrari Engine No L 208
  • Gearbox No N. . 362
  • Production Sequence No 110 (110th of 358)
  • Original Exterior Color Giallo Fly (Fly Yellow)
  • Current Exterior Color Rosso Dino 20-R-350 Salachi (Red)
  • Interior Color Nero 161 (Black Vinyl)
  • Completed April 1970
  • Original Owner Sig. Mario Carbone, Bari, Italia
  • Mileage 40,697 Miles / 65,495 Kilometes

DINO 246 G.T. ★00814★:
This particular Dino 246 GT “L-Model” is production sequence number 110 of the 358 examples completed it was ordered new in February of 1970 and completed one month later in March of that same year. The order specified a standard production “European-Domestic Market” example finished in the catalog color of “Giallo Fly” or Fly-Yellow with the standard black, vinyl (Nero 161) interior.

The order for this Dino was processed through the official Ferrari Agent in Bari, Italy on behalf of a Sig. Mario Carbone, also of Bari, Italy. Little else is know about this Dino however in 1972, the car followed Mario Carbone to Ohio State University where he may have been attending college. In any case, after eight years of ownership, in early 1978, Sig. Carbone, offered his prized Dino for public sale. The odometer now showed 22,000 miles when he offered it for sale but the listing shared few other details.

Shortly thereafter, the car was offered for sale in the May 28th, 1978 edition of the Los Angles Times. The listing came from Pristine Porsche of 225 5th Street, Huntington Beach, California. No details of the sale are currently known but in February of 1982, FAF in Atlanta, Georgia recorded ownership with Kenneth V. “Ken” Ward, Jr. in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Ward offered the car for sale later that year in the September 1982 issue of the Ferrari Market Letter. The listing was as follows:

“1982 Rare 1st series or Type L w/knock-off wheels. $25,00 spent on complete ground -up restoration. Red w/black int. Ken V. Ward Metairie, LA 504-897-1413 (LA)”

The car was next identified when offered for sale in 1990 by Nort Northam in Orlando, Florida. Northam would be associated with the car over the next 30 years offering it for sale on several occasions and describing it as follows; “Rare, early alloy-Dino, Red-Black, call for more details.” In 1995, he offered it again; “Rare early Alloy-Dino, undergoing 3-year restoration at Carrera Auto Body, San Diego, CA/USA.” in 1990, Ken Ward sold the car via Northam to Winter Park, Florida entrepreneur and developer of Epoch Properties, James H. Pugh, Jr. The car would be formally titled and licensed to Mr. Pugh in December of 1991. His ownership would encompass an extensive and comprehensive restoration with marque specialist, Neal Appel, owner of the San Diego based, Carrera Auto Body. The restoration would take more than three years and include the installation of a very cleverly hidden air-conditioning system based on Ferrari 308 components. This rare early “L-Model” Dino would remain with Mr. Pugh for 28 years until finally being sold to our company in March of this year.

Full Ownership History:
1970 Ferrari S.E.F.A.C. Maranello, italia
1970-1978 Mario Carbone Bari, Italy / Ohio, USA
1978-1990 Ken Ward Metairie, Louisiana
1991-2019 James H. Pugh Jr. Winter Park, Florida
2019-Present Symbolic International San Diego, California

Private Individual Ownership History:
1970-1978 Mario Carbone Bari, Italy / Ohio, USA
1978-1990 Ken Ward Metairie, Louisiana
1991-2019 James H. Pugh Jr. Winter Park, Florida

All services and safety checks are now zero time fresh. The most recent work also included the complete overhaul and rebuilding of all three carburetors and the break calipers. Cold engine compression checks provided the following results:

Cyl lbs/sq Inch

4 135
5 135
6 140

1 135
2 135
3 135

This is a completely rust and accident free example and also confirmed and verified as all matching numbers. Interested buyers are warmly welcome to contact me to arrange for inspections and test drives of this very special “L-Model” Dino 246 GT.


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