1968 Ferrari Dino 206 GT

1968 Ferrari Dino 206 GT For Sale

1968 Ferrari Dino 206 GT for sale

Vehicle Information

Price: $695,000
Year: 1968
Make: Ferrari
Model: Dino 206 GT
Engine: 8,000 rpm Dino V6
Transmission: 5-Speed
Exterior Color: Grigio Notte
Interior Color: Black Vinyl, Medium Blue Cloth Inserts

Offered By: Ferraris-online.com
Contact Name: Michael Sheehan
Phone: 949-646-6086
Email: sales@ferraris-online.com
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Vehicle Description

We are pleased to offer 1968 Ferrari Dino 206 GT s/n 00136, the 18th of only 154 short wheelbase, lightweight, alloy bodied 206 GTs built. Introduced as a road-going variant of the gorgeous Dino 196 S (Sport) and 206 SP (Sports Prototype), the 206 Dino was technically not a Ferrari at all, as the famous prancing horse emblem was nowhere to be seen. Built as a tribute to Enzo’s son Alfredino who passed away in 1956; designed by Leonardo Fioravanti at Pininfarina and hand-built by the craftsmen at Scaglietti; the Ferrari 206 GT “Dino” was Maranello’s first production model to feature a mid-engine layout; a transverse-mounted engine and the first Ferrari to use a Magneti Marelli developed electronic “Dinoplex” ignition for the 8,000 rpm Dino V6 engine. It was also the first Ferrari product car to have a direct rack-and-pinion steering and the first production Ferrari to use an even-numbered chassis serial number system, whereas all previous road Ferraris had – with on a very few exceptions – been odd-numbered, with only the race cars even-numbered.

Although the Dino 206 GT shared overall body lines and mechanical layout with the later 246 GT, the 206 GT was very much a hand-built, race-bred precursor to the later “production” model. The 206 GT featured a smooth, sophisticated profile with soft edges and curving lines accented by the sweeping roofline, a low sloping hood, a raked windshield and a minimalist interior more closely akin to the competition cars of the era. Thanks to its shorter chassis (2280 mm vs 2340 mm for the 246 GT); aluminum coachwork and an all-alloy 2.0 liter V-6 engine, the 206 GT weighs only 900 kg (1,984 lbs), almost 200 kg (440 lbs) lighter than the 246 GT. The outside fuel filler and knock-off wheels kept with the competition car lineage. Thanks to its short wheelbase, lightweight body, smooth shifting five-speed transaxle, fully independent front and rear suspension and ventilated disc brakes all around, the 206 GT is a driver’s delight on both the high-speeds of the autostrada and on back country hairpins.

206 GT s/n 00136 GT is a European model, as were all 206 GTs, and was delivered new on 30 August, 1968 with body # 18; engine # 22 and transaxle # 21 to Crepaldi Automobili S.a.s.; the authorized Ferrari dealer for Milan, Italy; in Rosso Chiaro with black vinyl interior and red cloth seat inserts; before going to first owner Italo Musico. Only four years later 206 GT was sold to Captain Don Grigg, an American serviceman in Italy, before coming to the US. 206 GT s/n 00136 next went to the very long term ownership of Charles “Chuck” Sadek of Virginia from 1974 to 2004. In 2004, 206 GT s/n 00136 was sold by Tom Shaughnessy to Mike Alexander of Newport Beach, and then in 2006 to Frank Saucedo, before going to the current owner in 2010. 206 GT was on the lawn at the Cavallino Classic 26 Concorso d’Eleganza, West Palm Beach, FL on plates DINO 206. Shown most recently only last month at Concours Italiano in Monterey scoring a 2nd in Class.

206 GT s/n 00136 features an over the top restoration with cosmetics by Dino Restorations and the engine, transaxle and overall sorting by Dugan Enterprises, at an overall cost of approximately $300k. The 206 GT features a long list of unique body features beyond the alloy body, including knock-off wheels; outside door locks in the recessed air scoop; a lockable trunk button on the rear lid and unique door opening lights. The cockpit features heater and defroster controls on the center console near the gear lever; a wide glove box door; seat back adjusters as well as fore and aft adjustment on the seats; head rests fixed to the rear bulkhead; no package boxes on the inner-doors; a passenger grip handle; a deeper foot well and a folding foot rest on the passenger side. 206 GT s/n 00136 has all the almost impossible to find details including the correct original shift knob, the wood steering wheel and the early 206 all vinyl dash with the long glove box, (not the later mouse fur covering). Has the correct cloth seat insert material purchased from Luppi, the well-known Italian upholstery shop; the correct engine bay light; the original Magneti Marelli ignition box; the correct Magnesium valve covers; the original 206 pouch for the books; the correct owner’s manual; parts book; FIAMM battery Garanzia booklet; replica warranty card and yellow wiping rag; the small post jack, (which is very rare and is different for 246) plus items such as the correct tire size (185s vs the 195s on 246), the correct and very rare 206 head lights; plus the correct Magneti Marelli windshield wipers; (a set was recently on ebay for $7K, just for wipers). Has all the right clamps, of course. Finished in near-flawless and period correct Grigio Notte (medium grey metallic) with black vinyl, medium blue cloth inserts and charcoal grey carpets.

206 GT s/n 00136 offers everything the Dino owner could want: an over-the-top level restoration, instant entry onto the lawn at the National meet, Cavallino or Concours Italiano, the soft and flowing lines of the Dino GT and the sounds of the well-proven, low maintenance and high-revving V6; making every trip to Starbucks sound like a qualifying lap at Sebring. With a mere 154 total 206 GTs constructed, compared with almost 3,800 246 GT/GTS variants, the 206 GT is easily the most collectable of the Ferrari Dinos and, thanks to its alloy body and mid-engine, certainly the most sophisticated of the Enzo-era production Ferraris. Comes with the Heritage certificate. If you want a show quality Dino at the Nationals or Cavallino, or you just want an “over-the-top” Dino that shows true restoration dedication and pride-of-ownership, this is your Dino. We welcome a detailed personal or professional inspection. Priced right and seriously for sale at $695,000.


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