We Are Curated is home to some of the most incredible cars of recent times, including this spectacular Ferrari Enzo with a straight pipe system! John Temerian shows us around the fantastic display before we’re out on the roads of Miami and I take the wheel too.

When it comes to legendary cars from the recent past, there are no better places to visit than the amazing showroom of John and the team at We Are Curated. As Lamborghini specialists there’s everything from the holy grail Miura SV, through the LM002 and various Countach/Diablo models, to even the Murcielago R-GT. That’s not where the fun ends with a Bugatti EB110, multiple Jaguar XJ220s and a number of Ferraris including F50 #001 that’s currently going through a full restoration in the workshop.

However, my attention is drawn to the Enzo; the Ferrari to wear their founder’s own name. With a 6.0l NA V12, the Enzo always makes the most incredible of sounds but mate that to a straight pipe system instead of the traditional exhaust and it’s a thunderous roar unlike any other. With a cold start to kick things off, John pulls it out of the showroom for me to go for a ride before he kindly offers to swap seats for me to experience a few blocks behind the wheel, and what a car it is!

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Thanks for watching, Tim