These are the actual numbers behind owning and running my Ferrari GTC4Lusso V12! From servicing and maintenance to depreciation and financing, this is my attempt at giving you a full understanding of the costs involved.

After a deal has been negotiated on a car, it beings with a huge variety even in terms of the methods of funding a car, from outright cash purchase, to leasing or financing. From there you then have insurance, road tax, storage, servicing, maintenance, warranty, consumables and many more elements.

My vehicles where financed are done through Shmee150 Finance powered by Harrington Finance: for example with the GTC4Lusso having a 25% deposit, a repayment over a number of years and then a balloon payment at the end of the contract.

A beautiful aspect of the Ferrari ownership experience is the inclusion on all vehicles of a 7 year service package and 4 year warranty, making them relatively inexpensive to operate. Once that is complete extended warranties can be bought as well, although adding to the yearly costs above the basics that vary by individual such as storage and insurance.

I hope this FFT (Fuel For Thought) episode gives an open look into the actual costs and perhaps the eye-watering potential for depreciation.

Thanks for watching, Tim