A couple of days after the GP weekend at Imola Circuit, Pirelli did a two-days test session to further develop their 18-inch tyres which will be introduced in 2022 with the upcoming new technical rules. Mercedes-AMG was the team chosed for this test (the 4th out of 10 test sessions, totalling 28 days, planned for 2021) and the victorious W10 EQ Power+ from 2019 was made available for this purpose. Of course the car was slightly modified to host the bigger sized wheels and featuring the 2021 livery of the W12 E Performance due to sponsors’ contracts.

Honestly I wasn’t bother to see them mounted on a current car, they didn’t even seem that much oversized for this car’s design. Maybe it was just because of the wheel’s black colour which camouflages them a bit even if their dimensions and total heights are different compared to current tyres. Anyway remember that the new 18-inch tyres will be suitable for a total different car design.

Enjoy this video from the first day with Lewis Hamilton behind the wheel!