Usher Kicks Off Gumball 3000 in Bac Mono Supercar

By: BAC | Photos Courtesy of: BAC

Briggs Automotive Company (BAC) is celebrating comprehensively stealing the limelight at Gumball 3000, with a little help from American music superstar Usher.

The multiple Grammy-award-winning artist got behind the wheel of BAC’s world-famous Mono supercar and drove through the crowd-lined Covent Garden streets on Sunday to a fanfare reception.

Usher was in the capital to mark the start of the 3,000-mile rally, which crosses through Europe and Asia to the finish line in Tokyo, Japan – and Londoners were out in force to see the finest cars in the flesh.

Mono – the world’s only single-seater, road-legal supercar – is no stranger to being the centre of attention, but having one of the biggest-selling musicians of all time in the cockpit put it even more in the spotlight.

Usher Kicks Off Gumball 300 in Bac Mono Supercar

The ‘U Remind Me’, ‘Yeah’ and ‘Confessions’ singer met up with BAC staff earlier in the weekend to get to grips with Mono and, indeed, confessed how impressive a machine it truly is.

Mono is famed for providing completely unrivalled thrills on both the road and track and being the ultimate piece of sporting equipment for the sport of driving. As a very serious petrolhead with a vast collection of cars and motorbikes, Usher recognised Mono’s brilliance and enjoyed every second behind the wheel.

Usher Kicks Off Gumball 300 in Bac Mono Supercar

BAC Co-Founder and Director of Product Development, Neill Briggs, said: “Wow, what a fantastic way to mark the start of Gumball 3000 – which never ceases to amaze year after year. Having one of the greatest musical artists of recent times in Mono was extra special – and hearing just how impressed he was with the car was incredible, too. Usher really knows and loves his cars, and they don’t come any better than Mono for pure driving enjoyment – we look forward to getting him behind the wheel again!”

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