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1000+ HP RAM TRX Launches?? // HELLEPHANT MADNESS Episode 4!

Making Mopar's supercharged Hellephant 426 HEMI crate engine feel at home inside a RAM TRX has been an ongoing project here at Hennessey. With the calibration phase of Hennessey's Hellephant-swap process complete, it was time to visit the Pennzoil Proving Ground to put this astou...

1000 HP Hellcat RAM TRX // MAMMOTH 1000 by Hennessey

RAM's Hellcat-powered TRX truck is a 10 out of 10. Hennessey's MAMMOTH 1000 performance upgrade makes it an 11. Every MAMMOTH upgrade is expertly installed, diligently calibrated, and supported by world-class customer service and Hennessey's limited warranty guarantee. Upgrad...