McLaren 720S Carbon Fiber Active Rear Spoiler Now Available in North America

By: McLaren Automotive | Photos Courtesy of: McLaren Automotive

McLaren Automotive, the creator of luxury high performance sportscars and supercars, is pleased to announce the 720S MSO Defined Carbon Fibre Active Rear Spoiler is now available for both the 720S Coupe and Spider in North America. Previously available as a factory option for new vehicles, the 720S MSO Defined Carbon Fibre Active Rear Spoiler now allows customers without this option configured at production to upgrade their vehicle and match other existing visual carbon fibre exterior elements.

The spoiler on the McLaren 720S plays a large role in the super car’s overall balance and handling. The full-width spoiler with airbrake functionality has an optimized motion to improve the downforce efficiency and is automatically activated to either decrease drag or increase downforce, or act as an airbrake to enhance vehicle balance under heavy braking. Aerodynamic efficiency, the ratio between downforce and drag, is more than double that of the McLaren 650S, and the overall result is a car that is superbly balanced and gives the driver confidence to push harder through the fastest corners found on a racetrack.

McLaren 720S Carbon Fiber Active Spoiler

The wing, which is hydraulically operated, also has airbrake functionality, giving it three main operational positions:

  • Driver downforce (from 70% to 80% wing deployment, depending on speed), is engaged when the Aero button is pushed and delivers the necessary downforce and balance to guarantee optimal performance during cornering
  • DRS (30% wing deployment) delivers drag reduction when accelerating in a straight line and up to maximum speed
  • High Speed Braking (100% airbrake deployment in less than 0.5sec), the wing, fully deployed, shifts the aero-balance by 20% to improve high speed braking stability and overall braking distances

Now available in visual carbon fibre – the rear spoiler can match other exterior visual carbon fibre options, such as the available Exterior Carbon Fibre Pack 1, which includes the hood air intakes, rear fender air intakes and door mirror casings, Exterior Carbon Fibre Pack 2, which includes the front splitter and rear bumper lower, and Exterior Carbon Fibre Pack 3, which includes the front air intakes and roof.

McLaren 720S Carbon Fiber Active Spoiler

“As pioneers of carbon fibre use in the automotive industry dating back to 1981, carbon fibre is a core part of McLaren’s DNA and has been found in every road car we’ve produced since 1994,” said Tony Joseph, President, McLaren North America. “In addition to the carbon fibre chassis, which is the heart of all McLaren sports and supercars, carbon fibre can be utilized in other areas as well. Visual carbon fibre not only looks great, but can offer weight savings, which is very important to many McLaren customers and automotive enthusiasts.”

Featuring a two year warranty, the 720S MSO Defined Carbon Fibre Active Rear Spoiler is available now for $9,717.07 (USD) through McLaren retailers, and is avaialble for both the 720S coupe, as well as the new 720S Spider, a no compromise convertible that combines the thrill of open-air driving with unparalleled Super Series dynamic performance and sophistication.

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