We got a very special commission for this episode of What’s On The Rack, our long time friend and client Jay Leno came by for a request that is embedded in our DNA. That is, building a car that pays homage to a legend! What started as a 2022 performance package Mustang GT has undergone a complete Highway Patrol renovation!

The SSP (Special Service Package) Mustang was a foxbody trimmed mustang that was specifically designed for law enforcement. Available from 1982-1993 with over 15,000 units made, this Mustang served no greater time than in the ranks of the California Highway Patrol. Ford and Jay Leno teamed up to bring to life what would be a modern SSP Mustang.

Check out the car now in its current state. We painted the car accordingly and applied the official reflective vinyl. We installed lights and even installed actual police electronics and radio communications!