H.R. Owen Lamborghini Hosts Clients on an, Italian 1,500 Mile Road Trip of a Lifetime

By: H.R. Owen | Photos Courtesy of: H.R. Owen

H.R. Owen Lamborghini hosted a number of its customers for the road trip of a lifetime; a seven-day, 1400-mile tour of picture-perfect Italian countryside and coastline in a range of Lamborghini performance icons.

The line-up of Aventadors, Huracans and even a Diablo were led throughout the tour by Lamborghini’s new Urus SSUV (Super Sports Utility Vehicle). Powered by a 650PS 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 engine and styled with the latest cutting-edge design, the Urus is the latest development in Lamborghini evolution.

H.R. Owen Lamborghini Italy Road Trip

On the final leg of the official Lamborghini Italian tour, cars gathered in the picturesque town of Saturnia, with the sound of the naturally aspirated Lamborghini engines echoing throughout the region’s vineyards. From there, they headed south along the stunning coastline towards Rome, and into the Lazio region, stopping in the historic town of Tolfa.

Built on top of Lamborghini’s four-day ‘Official Italian Tour’, the H.R. Owen extended experience included an additional four days and 900 miles of driving, taking in some breath-taking roads in Italy and France.

H.R. Owen Lamborghini Italy Road Trip

H.R. Owen began their Extended Tour by leading cars north for the Italian Alps, and the beautiful lakes and valleys of Piedmont, taking on some of the region’s most exhilarating mountain passes. Up into the mountains, the rumbling V10 and V12 engines of the H.R. Owen Lamborghini cars bounced off the flint walls and into the valley, until the group reached more than 9,000 feet above sea level at Cime de la Bonette.

To complete the trip, the unique convoy then tackled the final stretch of the epic journey, into the famous Gorges du Verdon and on the Descente Gréolières featured in the opening sequence of Goldeneye, before heading south to the French Cote d’Azur.

H.R. Owen Lamborghini Italy Road Trip

The H.R. Owen Extended Tour is another example of the world-class customer service that sets H.R. Owen apart from other high-end automotive retailers. In addition, the experience continues after you’ve purchased a car; the H.R. Owen team creates countless events and bespoke opportunities to allow you to make the most of your purchase.

It was this ultimate dedication to its customers that helped H.R. Owen Lamborghini to win Global Dealer of the Year in 2017. The proven excellence extends across the entire H.R. Owen business, too, with the brand’s Rolls-Royce operation named Global Dealer of the Year this year, and its Ferrari retailer Global Dealer of the Year in 2014.

H.R. Owen Lamborghini Italy Road Trip

Ken Choo, H.R. Owen CEO, said“At H.R. Owen, we work with an ethos of ‘membership, not ownership’ – always ensuring that our customers feel part of a very exclusive club by offering them only the best events and opportunities. The most important part of the Lamborghini experience for us isn’t just buying it, but making the most of owning and enjoying it.”

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