What if we could build the car of our dreams, free from all constraints, with the sole aim of making it perfect ?

Starting from the Stradale – a racing car with a license plate – we evolved the concept into the EXP: an uncompromising car that represents the ideal synthesis of decades of experience and passion.

EXPerience, EXPeriment, EXPonential, EXPertise: Dallara EXP is a tool dedicated to true connoisseurs, aiming to represent the highest values of our historic company, and to become its spearhead. Dallara EXP is not a car to be kept locked in the garage like a trophy. It can’t wait to be tasted, tested, and experienced.

We made it possible to transform the Stradale into the EXP with the addition of specific contents: a modular process for those who want to experience the thrill of driving on the track while preserving full reversibility.

The Dallara EXP has already achieved GT3 pole position times at the legendary Mugello track, but it will soon be available to be driven all over the world, USA included, just waiting for pilots who can understand its extraordinary essence.