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Italian Car Clichés Come to Life at Concorso Italiano

Soul, passion and grace. Traditional cliché words that encapsulate the stylistic beauty of Italian cars. During The Speed Journal’s visit to Concorso Italiano, the Black Horse Golf Course in Monterey California was full of gorgeous examples that can often only be described stereotypically. However, that did not hold back a large crowd of fans of Italian craftsmanship from attending the occasion. Why go anywhere else for Ferrari’s 70th anniversary? Concorso Italiano is one of the world’s largest gatherings of Italian automobiles, a celebration of the accomplishments and creations Italy has offered the world. From classic Maseratis to fresh examples from Ferrari and Lamborghini, there was an overwhelming amount to see at this incredible event.

While many spectators meandered around the course, looking at the boggling amount of beautiful examples, certain vehicles drew large crowds. The brilliant, pontoon-fendered, Ferrari 250 Testarossa was easily one of the most admired blue-chip cars at the show. It would be unreasonable to expect anything else from one of the most elegant, hand-crafted bodies to ever come out of Italy.

Striking bodies have always been part of Ferrari’s repertoire. The Ferrari 365 GTB/4, lovingly known as the Ferrari Daytona, is fantastic looking inside and out. This particular example has an amazing leather interior with an even more stunning paint color. Amongst the sea of red Ferraris, the Daytona stood out.

Generations after the hand-formed bodies of the 250 Testa Rossa and Lamborghini Miura, carbon fiber is now king of the materials used to shape the breathtaking modern bodies of cars like the Lamborghini Centenario and the Ferrari F12 TDF.

While it may be up to the beholder to determine which of these rare examples is better looking, the 1-of-20 Centenario is certainly a more exclusive car. Exclusivity notwithstanding, the blue exposed carbon on this particular F12 TDF is a sight to behold, especially the full blue carbon intake manifolds

The show featured an awards ceremony, with the best class examples going home with more prestige and provenance then they arrived with. One winner was this gorgeous Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta SWB.

While the entire day could be spent enjoying the multitude of cars looking for your favorite, the cars were not the only attraction during this event. Live music reverberated throughout the clubhouse, while a bouquet of aromas arose from fine Italian cuisine being served. Paired with wine and other beverages, the luncheon was topped off with a brilliant view of the emerald greens and the Lamborghini Lawn, a picturesque assembly awash with a rainbow of paint colors.

As the sun began to become lower in the sky and the golden hour approached, our day at Concorso Italiano drew to a close. All the cars seen embodied the soul, passion and grace that, while cliché, perfectly describes the immense beauty and style of Italian design and technology. We would like to thank Concorso Italiano for inviting us to the event and we cannot wait till next year to see what sensational examples attend.

By: Jonathan Gallenstein | Photos & Video: Jonathan Gallenstein

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